TuneX.io announced the winner of Blockchain Startup Sponsorship — BitcoinHomework.com

In the midst of global pandemic of Covid-19, TuneX.io team created an environment of competition by Sponsoring a deployment of a Digital Asset Exchange for the most deserving Blockchain Startup.

On March 25th, 2020 TuneX.io announced the Blockchain Startup Sponsorship and the grand prize: Deployment of a Digital Asset Exchange supporting Bitcoin and Ethereum nodes. This Exchange deployment would have the user and admin features of a DAX Marketplace, for trading Cryptocurrencies.

More than 100 companies applied to this program, submitted their projects and interviewed with TuneX decision-making panel to compete for this prize. Projects from all over the world competed for this Sponsorship and picking the winner was not an easy decision considering all the innovation.

BitcoinHomework.com was picked as the WINNER!

BitcoinHomework has played an active role in adoption of Distributed Ledger Technologies as an educator, and a free resource of information for those curious about Cryptocurrency.

Aside from free educational courses, this team supports an active MasterNode Community, QuantisNetwork.org. The deployment of TuneX.io Sponsored Digital Asset Exchange, will be the next step in realizing a long term goal for its community members.

When advised of TuneX.io decision, BitcoinHomework.com co-founder and CEO Rich Territo said, “During these tough times people rely on some good to come from their investments and communities they’re involved with…This news is a huge uplifting breath of fresh air for everyone involved in our projects and our community, including myself!”

Today MasterNodeX.com is not an active domain, but it is planned to have the MVP version of the exchange deployed by end of April, 2020.

As our thanks to all the remaining participants in the TuneX Blockchain Startup Sponsorship, TuneX.io and BitcoinHomework.com teams, will release educational and eye opening content to explain the process of deploying, operating, customizing and maintaining a Digital Asset Exchange for trading various forms for digital assets, crypto and fiat currencies.

Again, we thank all of the participants and look forward to doing similar sponsorships in the near future! Keep your eyes on the PRIZE!

Stay tuned as we release innovative software technology with the release of MobiDAX.io, a cross-platform interface for Digital Assets Exchanges based on Flutter, by Google. Surfacing this Spring, 2020!

MobiDAX.io is the World’s First Cross-Platform SaaS for deploying Cryptocurrency and Fiat Trading Platforms on Web, iOS, Android and Desktop Applications.